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Activating the third eye: what is it and how can you come into contact with your highest intuition?

The third eye, or the sixth chakra, is the center of intuition and paranormal talent. Clairvoyance is one of the results of a well-developed third eye, but this chakra is responsible for much more than just predicting future phenomena. When you open your third eye, you become aware of the big picture. A capacity to see everything arises and therefore your perspective will change and you will be able to understand yourself in the context of the greater whole. However, to use the third eye and to look through time and space, it is important to use it first to see yourself.


The third eye and the pituitary gland

Every chakra is associated with a certain part of our body. Each disease or disease therefore has a corresponding chakra and the chakras can help us to better understand diseases and ailments and where they come from. The pituitary gland, a small organ in our head, is most closely related to the third eye chakra. If there is an imbalance in the third eye, this can result in headache, hormonal imbalances, nightmares, indecision or a burnout.

Just as the third eye allows us to see the larger picture, the pituitary gland provides supervision of the endocrine system, or our hormone system. It produces hormones that activate glands in our body to perform their work. The pituitary gland has the ability to adapt its function to the needs of the body in all stages of life. This runs parallel with the ability of the third eye to see how dynamic a person’s self-esteem is.

The pituitary gland monitors the hormonal release of glands through the body and the third eye has the ability to regulate energy flows throughout the body. The third eye chakra also provides the overview and wisdom needed to understand existence beyond time and space. It can help us to develop a consciousness that enables us to see who we really are: spiritual beings with a human experience.

Embodying the energy of the third eye

Embodying the energy of the third eye requires maturity, life experience and wisdom that we obtain over the years. It seems that the chakra reaches a peak development when we are 35 to 42 years old. If you have not built up a sound foundation in the lower five chakras, the spiritual consciousness that is created by the development of the sixth chakra can be overwhelming. Once you have worked through it, the third eye starts to open. You can then see yourself clearly and are no longer your fears, emotions, beliefs or judgments.

Opening the third eye is about seeing yourself completely. Seeing in all the ways in which we play victim and in which we project our judgments, uncertainties and assumptions on others. Someone with an open third eye is also aware of all the roles he or she plays in the world. You may find that you are not the same person with your partner as with your mother. And maybe your behavior in some relationships is a response to assumptions from others about who you are. An open third eye sees this and leaves us no choice but to go beyond these illusions that determine our existence. You wake up to a new spiritual reality. This experience is available to everyone, but this awakening does challenge our sense of identity and therefore it is important to be careful in this process. The exercises below can help you with this.


Mental exercise: keeping an identity log

Consider yourself as you are today and make a list of sentences that begin with “I am …”. Write down as many things as possible that you consider to be the truth at that time. This could be, for example: “I am a sister, I am a woman, I am happy, etc.” Then imagine yourself ten years ago and make the same list that applied to you at that time. Then choose another period in your life and do the same. Find out what the differences are between these lists and how the way you think about yourself has changed.

Emotional exercise: act your emotions

Acting is a good tool to gain access to various emotional experiences. And these experiences influence our behavior and the feeling we have about ourselves. Use your memory to generate emotions in this exercise. For example, think of a funny memory and make yourself laugh. Force laughter until it becomes natural. Then think of a sad memory and let yourself cry and then focus on a situation that makes you angry and scream with anger. Exaggerate the emotions as an actor does, but do not linger in them for too long. Remind yourself that no emotion defines you.

Spiritual exercise: keep a dream diary

The third eye is naturally active when we dream. The more you remember your dreams, the more you become connected to the subconscious. Spend 10 minutes each morning writing down everything you can remember from your dreams. If you can’t remember anything at all, spend your time meditating. Empty your mind before you start your day. Eventually you will remember your dreams.

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