What is a chakra?

Seven important energy centers are present in your body. These are known as Chakras.

Chakra is a word that comes from Sanskrit and literally means “wheel.” You can therefore imagine a chakra as a vortex that allows energy to flow through your body, or in other words, a “spinning wheel of energy.”

In fact, hundreds of other of these energy centers are present in our bodies, but we are now focusing on the seven most important points.


The seven chakras

You can describe the seven chakras in many different ways. Each of the seven “whirlpools of energy” has its different characteristics that belong to a certain area of ​​the body.

To keep our lives in balance and not get sick, depressed, anxious, sad, etc., we must ensure that the chakras do not get broken and that the energy can flow properly through the body.


Below is an overview of the seven most important energy points in the body and what they stand for:

1. The first Chakra is also called the root chakra or tail chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Muladhara.

Muladhara makes you feel stable. You are grounded and you feel safe. By having good contact with the earth, you feel confident.


2. The second Chakra is also called the Sacral Chakra. This is located just below the navel, at the sacrum. In Sanskrit it is also called Swadhistana.

Swadhistana stands for expressing emotions, having relationships, movement, sexuality and creativity.


3. The third Chakra, also called the navel Chakra or solar plexus Chakra (Solaris Plexus). In Sanskrit it also bears the name Manipura.

Joy, energy, self-esteem and control over yourself are central. The power to achieve what you want. The moment Manipura is in balance, you can be there for yourself and for someone else.


4. The fourth Chakra, also called the heart Chakra, is located near the heart region. In Sanskrit it is also called Anahata Chakra.

This energy point stands for love, kindness to yourself and others, security, trust, hope and finding balance. “I love and am loved” is central.



5. The fifth Chakra, also called the Throat Chakra, is located in the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae and the larynx. The fifth Chakra is located close to the thyroid gland, so metabolism plays a major role in this Chakra.

In Sanskrit, the fifth Chakra is also called the Vishuddhi. This stands for cleaning. The moment you let yourself be heard, let you know what you need, your body will be cleansed.


6. The sixth Chakra is also called the Forehead Chakra. As a nickname it also gets the third eye, because the Chakra is located just above and between the eyebrows.

In Sanskrit it is called Ajna, this means knowing. The conscience plays a major role in the consciousness and the choices you make in life.


7. The seventh Chakra, also called the Crown Chakra, is located in the area of ​​the crown. This Chakra is the last in the row of 7 that ensures that your energy can flow optimally through your body. Because we are talking about the last Chakra here, it will come as no surprise that the seventh Chakra provides unity.

In Sanskrit this energy point is also called Sahasrara. This is a symbol for a lotus flower with thousands of leaves. These in turn represent a unity of all different aspects.

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