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Meaning of the Mandala

Mandalas are beautiful circular figures with symmetrical elements. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) and literally means “magic circle,” or “magic wheel.”

According to ancient Eastern wisdom, they serve as inspiration and inner enrichment. They make you aware of the infinity of existence and the connection with everything around you. The Mandala is a primordial symbol that has no beginning and no end. The beautiful drawings and patterns are an important element in the performance of traditions, meditations and rituals in Buddhism and Hinduism, among others.



The structure of a Mandala

Mandalas are built according to a certain system. The base (outer edge) is round, also called the “circle of life” and you see it reflected in all aspects of life: the earth, the sun, the moon, but also symbolically, such as the family and friends circle.

The inside of the circle offers a safe protective space in which you can find peace and tranquility with yourself, which can start all kinds of inner processes.

The dot in the middle, the center, symbolizes the combined primal force. Where everything is connected.


Drawing mandalas

Nowadays you can buy beautiful coloring books (not only for children, but also for adults) that contain Mandalas that you can color. An even better process is drawing a Mandala yourself.

Drawing a Mandala is not only soothing, but can also provide insight into yourself or a situation. It is a creative process in which the subconscious mind is addressed. It can help to meditate before you begin a Mandala drawing. This way you are more connected to yourself and your intuition.

You can choose an intuitive way of drawing, where the circle comes up entirely from your feeling, your subconscious mind. The colors and figures form as it were without having to make a plan about the end result. This way of drawing appeals to your creativity and is more focused on the right side of the brain.

You can also choose to draw very consciously and symmetrically. You start with a circle and divide it into a number of planes. Then you fill the faces with identical patterns, shapes, colors and symbols. The repeating figures have a calming effect on the left hemisphere.

Often you use both techniques automatically when drawing. And that is precisely the magic aspect of drawing Mandalas. It stimulates the connection between ratio and feeling, between the left and right hemisphere, between a part and a whole.


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